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learn polish

Our offer is aimed at people who are ready to learn above the level of schematic language responses and, thus, gain a good command of the structures, which will allow them to operate freely in any area of the Polish language. It is necessary, however, to understand the mechanisms of Polish grammar, which, despite its difficulties, can be classified according to systematic criteria and rules. Some of them are complex but they are usually logical. During the course we present this rational dimension of the language. We have compiled our own teaching materials, which constitute the base of the course. Classes comprise both grammatical, lexical and communicative activities. They have a clear and logical form so the lexical part does not obscure the rational order of the grammatical structure. On the other hand, we have seen to it that the grammatical material is presented through thematic vocabulary useful in the communication process. Besides, the grammatical structure is always treated as a basis for communicative activities done in pairs or groups.

Method learn polish

The specific character of our method requires our teachers both to have an excellent knowledge of the subject and to be ready to provide additional information and explanations in a foreign language (English and German). We speak Polish in class as much as possible but sometimes a short comment in another language is necessary to explain a particularly difficult problem. What is more, we have decided to offer individual consultations during the course as we emphasise students’ need for understanding Polish grammar. Our students are given an opportunity to consult the teacher after class and discuss particularly difficult problems or ask for additional explanations in Polish, English or German.

During our courses we pay particular attention to pronunciation. Learn polish. No doubt Polish pronun-ciation is difficult. However, it is very regular too. The knowledge of the most basic rules concerning pronunciation as well as systematic practice can help students to overcome a number of initial problems. And if it is necessary for a student to do more exercises, she or he can always approach the teacher during the consultation hours to gain further assistance.

To sum up, our method combines the principles of the communicative approach and the grammar method. While teaching vocabulary necessary for communicative situations, we strongly emphasise the necessity of mastering grammatical structures in order to help students understand the logical structure of the Polish language. We want our students to understand how Polish functions, which will give them the opportunity for developing their language competence and such language skills as reading, listening, speaking and writing.
Polish is primarily spoken in Poland but has significant numbers of speakers in the USA, Lithuania, Ukraine and Canada. With Poland’s accession to the EU in 2004 the need for speakers of Polish has risen with Europe and especially the UK. If you plan to work in Poland or with Poles, it is important that you learn Polish if you wish to be successful.

If you want to learn Polish or are a company wishing to provide Polish lessons to your staff, then Kwintessential can see to all your language learning needs.

We provide Polish teachers for one-to-one lessons and/or group learning. Our experienced and professional Polish teachers tailor courses to help you learn Polish in the most effective way possible.

If you wish to learn Polish for personal or travel related reasons, we offer general language lessons focusing on building up your Polish or developing areas such as conversation, reading or writing.

Many people learn Polish for career related reasons. After analysing your requirements, we tailor lessons to meet your business or career related needs. If you work in a specific sector such as import/export, insurance, banking or finance, we focus on developing your Polish with this in mind. The lesson content and materials will all help you learn Polish that is relevant to your job or career.

As a London based company, we have an extensive network of Polish teachers in and around the London area. Although the majority of our Polish teaching takes place in London we can and do offer lessons to those wishing to learn Polish in other areas of the UK.

If you would like to learn Polish and require a first-rate, professional and bespoke service, then please contact us to discuss your needs.

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