learn polish cd

learn polish cd

learn polish cd

Learn Polish at your home with a professional teacher

Our ‘Learn Polish Programme’ is an intensive, one-to-one Polish language course, tailored exclusively for you and your language needs. During the intensive language course you live and learn Polish in the home of a typical Polish family and have individual private Polish language lessons with one of our Polish teachers. Learners who opt to learn Polish via this method can be assured of comfort, hospitality and, above all, total immersion in the Polish language and Polish culture.

You make excellent progress in the language

On this course your Polish teacher focuses on just one student, and that is you. This concentration on your language requirements almost guarantees rapid progress, particularly in speaking and understanding Polish. We cater for learners from complete beginners to the most advanced.

Our homestay Polish language courses are suitable for:

  • Professional people who would like to learn the basics of Polish or communicate more effectively for work, business or pleasure.

  • Mature people who can combine learning the Polish language with travel to Poland, Polish culture and special interests.

  • Anyone who would like to learn Polish as a foreign language for fun and personal development and/or people wanting to learn something of Polish culture.

Decide on the right homestay Polish language Course for you:

Your starting date:

Any Sunday throughout the year.
Arrival Sunday, departure Saturday.

Your length of stay:

One, two, three, four or more weeks.

Intensity of your course:

This is entirely up to you. Most learners have 10 intensive private lessons a week. Each lesson is 60 minutes long. The timing of lessons is flexible to fit in with any sightseeing plans you might have.
learn polish cd

Your Polish teacher

Every teacher teaching on one of our Polish language courses has been chosen with the utmost care for:

  • Their teaching ability, qualifications and experience. All our teachers are native speakers of Polish, fluent in English, have a university degree in Polish and are experienced language teachers.

  • Their ability to maximise your potential to learn Polish.

  • The traditional Polish atmosphere the homestay family offers.

  • And the welcome the family extend to learners.

This CD-ROM is ideal for beginners and travellers and can also be used by advanced learners for acquiring new vocabulary. It assists beginners in overcoming the difficult initial “getting started” period of learning another language. The Quickstart Polish Immersion CD-ROM is designed so that you can get started quickly by way of a learning method similar to the way you learn your own native language. Each word is introduced in a context where meaning is clear and memorable. Spoken and written words are associated with images, allowing you to improve your listening and reading comprehension, spelling, and speaking.

Quickstart Polish Immersion is rich in content, containing over 2000 words and over 1200 phrases. It features over thirty interactive panoramic scenes, such as “In the City”, “At the Airport”, “Business Meetings & Negotiations”, “At the Restaurant”, etc. Each panoramic scene incorporates eight learning activities. There are also over fifty practical conversation dialog activities and a range of vocabulary specific activities in the dictionary section.

Learn polish cd toady..


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