online polish course

online polish course

online polish course

Polish via the Internet

Another spur to give shape to the POLISH FOR PROFESSIONALS project was fast development of Internet communication technology. We began to experiment with instant messengers very early, realizing that they can make a superb medium for our method, corresponding to our clients’ needs. Our method was adapted gradually; traditional teaching forms were put away in favour of online trainings. It turned out that both the specific character of our method and the Polish language fully correspond to the character of the Internet tools.

Cultural context

Language is part of culture. To be able to use a language effectively, it is not enough to learn its vocabulary and grammar rules. You also need to be acquainted with the cultural context, in which the language came into being and is used. This issue becomes relevant, especially if the language becomes a tool for professional cooperation. Poland is a European country whose heritage has been shaped in the circle of the western culture. However, the specific character of Poland’s geographical position and its intricate history should be taken into account, with the stamp of communism on the Polish culture. These and other issues become relevant, especially for those foreigners who come to Poland to take up a managerial post, as understanding their co-workers should be the key element of the management strategy.

online polish course now

You are welcome to converse about these and many other subjects, and ask questions to our teachers. It is worth wondering, noticing similarities and differences.

We hope that Poland and Polish become a real challenge for you, and we will be happy if our services help you to meet it.
Our method

Chaos is appearance only
Polish seems chaotic to many people coming in contact with it for the first time. You can easily lose your initial enthusiasm in the thick of endings and alternations. The impression of chaos may result from the fact that Polish is often taught without respecting its specific character. The communicative approach, which proves a success while teaching western languages, requires considerable modifications to be useful for learners of Polish. In every language grammatical structures is a condition for successful communication; in Polish the connection between grammar and meaning is particularly visible as it determines the shape of words. In Polish the position of words in the sentence plays a relatively small role, there are no articles. Words themselves carry grammatical functions; thus ignoring grammar rules can hinder effective communication. Knowledge of the basic forms from the dictionary is not enough to be able to make comprehensible sentences as endings often affect both the function of a word in a sentence and the shape of the word itself.

online polish course today

Methodological dilemma

Various teaching methods can be used in this situation.
For instance, certain communication structures can be practiced in some situational contexts. This method brings a lot of satisfaction, especially at the beginning. It allows of relatively fast mastering vocabulary necessary to react adequately in communicative situations e.g. at the restaurant, bank, etc. The problem is, however, that isolated situations selected for the mere communicative use do not show the full picture of the Polish language system. This in turn evokes the impression of chaos in the learner, blocks creative use of language and encloses with frames of some chosen communicative conventions.

Golden mean

Our method is a successful attempt to overcome the limitations of the above-mentioned approach although its objective is not to teach Polish grammar just for its sake. We teach language as a tool for obtaining information and communicating. That is why our method should not be perceived as negation of the communicative approach. In the course of the training we use vocabulary useful in everyday situations. Selected communicative situations are discussed and culturally adequate language behaviour practised as well. However, we do not confine ourselves to it. The structures used are selected so that they could be an example of general, formal grammatical structures. The lexical material of a given communicative problem is always referred to the whole of the language system and situated in its context. Online polish course make today. We realize that it requires an extra amount of labour both on the side of the teacher and the student; we want though to aim our offer at people who thanks to their creative effort are ready to go beyond formulaic repetitions of usual phrases and to master the structures quite fast, which will allow them to move efficiently in any area of the Polish language. To achieve this, understanding the mechanisms of grammar is crucial. Contrary to all appearances, these mechanisms can be systematized. Complicated as some of the Polish grammar issues are, they are also logical. During our trainings we try to highlight this rational dimension of the language as getting to know about it enables to take control over the apparently chaotic mechanisms of the Polish language. In order to do so, we have prepared our own textbook, which is the basis of the training. It covers both the necessary grammar structures and vocabulary, and contains a lot of communicative exercises as well. We put it into a clear, logical form so as the lexical material did not curtain the rational order of grammatical structure. On the other hand, the grammatical material is presented by means of thematic vocabulary useful in the communication process which could be the basis for communicative exercises.

Polish pronunciation – easier and faster
During the trainings we pay special attention to pronunciation exercises. A myth has grown up about Polish pronunciation. Difficult as it is, it is also very regular, and the knowledge of the basic rules together with systematic exercises helps to break the ice. We guarantee surprisingly fast progress in this area.

Comprehensive management of the learning process

Our clients are usually very busy people; that is why we are not only their teachers, but above all – their assistants. We organize their training so as to save time and minimize effort. If the training takes place on a regular basis and is intensive enough, our clients do not need to study on their own. Online polish course make now! The time spent with the teacher, who will assign relevant exercises, should be sufficient not only to understand, but also to acquire the language material introduced during the lesson. More (how it works)

online polish course

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Online polish course


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