polish classes

polish classes

polish classes

1. One-to-One Business or General Polish Course
Our general business classes are perfect for any professional, for whom languages are necessary for success. Each class is specifically crafted to suit the needs of each client. Class plans and materials are researched thoroughly and tailor-made for each individual. Classes are flexible and personal; clients can ask for either one or two trainers, reliant upon the classes’ intensity.

2. Small Closed Group Business or General Polish classes
Each class is delivered on a cost-effective basis. The emphasis will be around providing professionals with the essential communication skills needed to handle foreign corporate environments. Classes held with groups of professionals, will help clients to develop the language skills needed for commercial situations.

3. One-to-One or Small Group Cultural Awareness Course (Language & Behaviour) in Polish
These classes are ideal for professionals who have business commitments abroad. Upper management, diplomats and international staff often need to move within business circles that require foreign language skills. These formal environments can often be fraught with the minefield of social etiquette. In our cultural awareness classes we focus on formal language conventions and social appropriacy.

One-to-One and Small Closed Groups can be taken on a Intensive Full-Time Basis (from 4 to 12 lessons per day, from 1 to 6 days per week) or an Intensive Part-Time Basis (from 2 to 4 lessons per day, from 1 to 3 days per week). These classes are designed to take into account the aptitude and availability of each individual client. They are specifically created with each trainee in mind and can be adjusted to suit the individual’s abilities, business requirements or time constraints.

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4. One-to-One Telephone Polish classes
For clients who can only be reached by telephone our one-to-one telephone classes are a perfect solution for all your language training needs. 30 minute classes can be prearranged, from 1-7 days a week. If you are continually on the move, based in a remote location or have vital time constraints, our telephone classes could be the answer you are looking for.

5. One-to-One or Small Group Last Minute Polish classes
Professionals must often travel abroad at short notice. Our one/two day intensive classes are designed with the business executive in mind. Often held on weekends, these refresher courses are a great way to teach the basics of the language or revitalize the client’s language skills, before a last minute business trip.

6. Luxury Weekend Conversation Polish classes
This is a perfect treat or gift for those looking to learn a new language. Spend the weekend (Sunday or Saturday or just one day) in the city of your choosing (or even your home town) learning your target language. Your language guide will accompany you to museums, art galleries and restaurants, while helping you to understand your experiences in the language of your choice. All accommodation, meals and transport are included in the package.

7. Residential Homestay Polish classes
For clients who want total emersion in both the language and culture, our homestay classes are an excellent choice. Learners will be placed in the home of a qualified, native-speaker teacher and be treated like one of the family. Here clients can attend meals, converse with the family and learn the broader aspects of the culture. Individual requests for personal specifications, locations and private bathrooms can all be accommodated if sufficient notice is given. Please note that these placements are subject to location and trainer availability.

8. Examination Polish classes
Cactus can provide examination classes, for clients who require a language certification to enhance their CV for professional purposes. However, clients should be sure to thoroughly research the application procedure, syllabus and exam board, before submitting an application.

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How it Works – 3 Stages

Step 1 – At Cactus, we tailor our classes (one-to-one or group) according to the individual requirements of our clients based on our Needs Analysis. This can be done by telephone, online or face to face. This will include questions on time availability, personal goals, current and intended proficiency in different language skills and situations. We also tailor of courses to see if any specialist terminology is required. Course content can be changed at any time, either before or during the course, at a consequence of the clients progress and/or changing needs. This can involve the company Training Manager or an individual Line Manager and also gives the Academic Team the opportunity to learn about the company’s business, helping them to tailor the content of the course.

Step 2 – A language assessment is conducted for all participants except Beginners. This involves (i) a written test to assess passive knowledge of grammar and vocabulary and (ii) a speaking test to establish fluency and degree of confidence in actively using the language.

Step 3 – Language Training begins in-company or in seminar rooms provided by Cactus, in groups or one-to-one. Regular testing takes place and Language Training is reviewed by the Company Training Manager or Line Manager and the Cactus Teacher & Academic Team. Lesson reports are continuously updated online, with a continuous record of attendance.

Polish classes

Dictionary Sebastian Antosiak
Dictionaries multilingual
Internet Security Robert Marona
Plants Latin-Polish / Renata & Marek Kosinski
Politics & Geography Sejm Library


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