polish courses

polish courses

polish courses

Polish via the Internet

Another spur to give shape to the POLISH FOR PROFESSIONALS project was fast development of Internet communication technology. We began to experiment with instant messengers very early, realizing that they can make a superb medium for our method, corresponding to our clients’ needs. Our method was adapted gradually; traditional teaching forms were put away in favour of online trainings. It turned out that both the specific character of our method and the Polish language fully correspond to the character of the Internet tools.

Academic knowledge + practical orientation

Being teachers, we appreciate theoretical background. A professional teacher has to have an extensive knowledge of the subject. Are you interested in history of Poland, its influence on the present day, or maybe you are fascinated by the dynamics of social changes in the country in which communism prevailed for such a long time? Or else you would like to understand a grammatical problem by comparing Polish to German or English? Do not hesitate to ask. Our teachers are prepared to answer your questions. If they cannot give the answer right away, they will find it for you. Ask in Polish, or if you are a beginner, in English or German. Do not be afraid of long-winded, boring and impractical lectures. The academic experience of majority of our staff is confronted daily with our clients’ practice-oriented expectations. We like to win, and the satisfaction you will achieve using Polish effectively in your professional environment is our success.

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Comprehensive management of the learning process

Our clients are usually very busy people; that is why we are not only their teachers, but above all – their assistants. We organize their training so as to save time and minimize effort. If the training takes place on a regular basis and is intensive enough, our clients do not need to study on their own. The time spent with the teacher, who will assign relevant exercises, should be sufficient not only to understand, but also to acquire the language material introduced during the lesson. More (how it works)

Rely on our team

The specific character of our method is highly demanding as far as our teachers are concerned. Apart from excellent knowledge of the subject they have to be ready to give information and explanations in foreign languages (English, German). Admittedly, during the lesson we try to speak Polish as much as possible, but often a comment in another language is necessary in order to explain a particularly difficult problem to a beginner who has just started studying. Moreover, we put emphasis on individual relation of the teacher with the client. Our clients’ questions are an inherent element of the teaching / learning process. Thanks to such questions we can understand our clients’ needs in detail, and thus be more precise in meeting them.

Understanding is the key do success

To sum up, our method is a blend of the communicative approach and the grammar method. While introducing the language material necessary in communicative situations, emphasis is laid on understanding grammar structures in order to show the logical structure of the Polish language. In other words, we do not confine ourselves to presenting and practising the basic vocabulary and phrases. We want something more, namely, we would like our trainees to understand how Polish works, which will ensure the possibility of further all-round development of their language competence: reading, listening, speaking and writing skills.

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