polish language courses

polish language courses

polish language courses

Professionals for professionals

The POLISH FOR PROFESSIONALS project is aimed at particularly demanding and highly motivated clients; that is why the trainers have to be professionals. All of them have an academic degree, and they have gained their experience in teaching Polish both in Poland and abroad. All of them speak English and/or German. Our teaching style is a blend of thorough theoretical background and practical orientation. Our method based on theoretical rudiments of linguistics, methodology and psychology, we try to avoid unnecessary grammatical terms.

Maximum results in minimum time

Clients of the POLISH FOR PROFESSIONALS project share one more characteristics – they are extremely busy people. Their time is invaluable and limited. Learning Polish is a tool for them. Often they are passionate about it, but they never lose sight of their professional objectives. Hence our efforts concentrate on how to maximize the results of their efforts. We relieve them of time-consuming organization activities as the use of Internet communication technology allows of great flexibility.

polish language course today

Learn Polish with English-speaking native speakers of Polish while you stay in a typical Polish home. Learn Polish, experience Polish culture first hand, and see some of Poland – Europe’s most beautiful and undiscovered country – whilst doing so!

Our Polish homestay courses combine intensive communicative language study with total immersion within a Polish family. You live and eat with the family, and generally become part of the family. You will have your own room and can come and go as you please or spend the whole week sitting in the family kitchen diner or garden. The choice is yours. All courses during the summer also offer the possibility of extra sightseeing excursions with Polish native speakers who speak English.

Our Polish language courses are based around the acquisition of Polish in class and the opportunity to use the same Polish in everyday situations. Most of our homestay courses have the emphasise on acquiring everyday and useful language, but can be tailored to meet your exact requirements. The price of a one week homestay includes food with the family, and your own room in the family home. A typical homestay program includes one or two hours of classroom based lessons per day, but the choice of intensity is entirely with the learner. The language we normally teach focuses on the language of real-life situations. polish language course The lesson times can be arranged to suit any sightseeing plans you might have. Your teacher is always on hand to help out with any questions or problems you may encounter. Our learner centered lessons are taught and hosted by teachers who are experienced Polish teachers with a university degree in Polish. During the course you will be the only student your family has staying with them and you will live with them as part of their family!

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Lessons can be held at our language school, in the home of one of our Polish teachers or one of our teachers will come to the apartment in which you stay. You decide how many lessons you have and how intensive your course is. Arrange your lessons to fit in with your sightseeing plans or business meetings. Our Polish language courses are completely flexible and focused entirely on the needs of the individual learner.


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